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Affordable Ohio Family Health Insurance Plans

Affordable Ohio family health insurance coverage is available from, the state’s trusted authority for affordable medical insurance coverage. In less than a minute, you can view the lowest rates offered by UnitedHealthcare, Anthem, Aetna and many other companies. If you have a spouse or dependents, they can easily be added to a customized comprehensive plan that covers office visits and prescriptions.

Our free online quotes can be viewed on a state of the art quote engine that allows you to quickly research and evaluate which plans meet your budget needs and provide the coverage you want. Short term, catastrophic, Comprehensive and HSA plans are included so you are easily able to determine the most affordable option. We’ll study hundreds of different plan designs and show you the most affordable policies.

We feel it’s important to research every available plan from all of the major companies and present to you the policies that provide the coverage you want and at a rate you can afford. The rates you view are the lowest allowable rates provided by each carrier. You never pay a fee on this website and our 30 years of expert advice will guide you through the application process.

“Affordable Care Act” allows health insurers to provide preventive benefits to most family plans with no waiting period or deductible. Some of these benefits include mammograms, colonoscopies, immunizations, cancer screenings, well-baby and well-child visits until age 21, routine adult physicals, flu and pneumonia shots, and various routine vaccines.

Typically, Ohio family health insurance policies include copays for most office visits and prescriptions. When a policy has a copay, your out-of-pocket expense is usually limited to $20-$40, depending on the company. Usage of specialists and non-generic drugs may increase the amount of money that you spend. Of course, generic prescriptions will cost substantially less than a non-generic drug. Many generic medications are available for less than $8 at large retail chains such as Walmart, Target and Sams Club.

Popular medical plans in Ohio are “Saver” or “Value” plans, which are available from most carriers. These types of plans feature premiums that are generally 20%-40% less than standard comprehensive plans. But there are some coverage limitations.

For instance, covered office visits (per person) are usually limited to two or three, depending on the policy. And while generic prescriptions are routinely covered, the non-generic prescription coverage may be limited. Also, out of pocket expenses on major medical claims will tend to be higher with coinsurance sometimes at 30% or more. But the substantial savings is often worth the benefits you are losing.

Rates in Ohio are quite affordable and we’ll help you find the plan that best matches your specific situation. To instantly view, compare or apply for affordable Ohio family health care, please click on the “Get Instant Quote” button at the top of the page. You can also talk to us live by calling (888) 513 6446. Unlike most online websites, we never share your personal information with any other person or company.

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12 Responses

  1. Medical dictation says:

    Family health insurance gives you the peace of life. Thanks for sharing interesting post on family health insurance.

  2. Carlyn says:

    You wrote some interesting things about family health plans in Ohio. I have no need for coverage yet, but when I graduate, I will be needing coverage. Thanks for making your information interesting.

  3. james says:

    good stuff. ohio does have somwe affordable plans. I applied for the medical mutual hsa. thanks for your help.

  4. Jay B. says:

    Ohio Family insurance is not expensive. I appreciate your help in finding me a plan for myself. I realize my wife will have to pay a higher rate so hopefully she will be approved.

  5. JG says:

    We have a pretty big family so thanks for the info! JG

  6. Foster says:

    Not a bad rate. Under $400 for a family of five. I like the negotiated discounts and the lower copays. Bravo!

  7. Bernard says:

    Thanks for the quotes. Very easy to understand information.

  8. Wilson says:

    Short term coverage was best for me. I did get my ID cards and was just wondering if I need one for each member of the family or not. Thank you.

  9. Jud says:

    I have a big family. 6 people. All healthy. I did not see anything that will limit the number of persons on a policy.

  10. Lowell Palmer says:

    We have a big family so a high deductible keeps our premium in check. I was just wondering how high of a deductible I can get?

  11. Ed says:

    Hi Lowell

    Typically 10k is the max although you may be able to get 20k although there would not be much savings.

    Hope this helps!


  12. Odell Wilson says:

    We have a big family! So hopefully there is no max on the number of persons insured.