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Can I Trust Purchasing Ohio Medical Insurance Online?

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Can I trust purchasing Ohio medical insurance online? Yes. When you buy health coverage through our website, any information you provide is kept private and the rates you are quoted are the best rates you can find from any broker, internet site or directly through an insurer. You’ll save time and money while you are getting expert guidance.

Most applications are submitted online through a link you are provided on our website. You create your own log-in name and password that only you know. Any information you provide is electronically forwarded to the carrier. We do not view any of the details unless you allow it. Of course, we’ll help you throughout the entire process of applying for your health insurance plan. And we keep you updated throughout the underwriting process.

You can also trust the other methods of purchasing coverage. Many customers here  prefer to fax or email the actual applications. We provide a secure email and fax system that ensures that only ONE person will receive your paperwork before the insurer receives the paperwork. Depending on the company, it’s possible you may not have to provide any type of billing information when you apply. Of course, we’re always happy to explain each company’s guidelines. And we’ll make it very easy and understandable for you.

The plans you see on our website are the best policies offered by each Ohio health insurance company. There are more than 500 available plan combinations so we carefully choose the best 40-80 policies that provide the most benefits for the lowest price. We realize that’s still too many to consider, so upon request, we’ll look at your specific requirements, and pick out the best 4-8 policies. Just call or email us.

We understand that every individual or family has different needs. For some, low office visit copays and mid-range deductibles may be important. For others, high deductibles and cheap premiums may be what they are looking for. If you tell us what type of coverage you want, we’ll save you a lot of time and money by finding it for you.

Sometimes, Anthem Blue Cross is the best available choice. But many times Medical Mutual, UnitedHealthOne, or perhaps even a smaller company such as Celtic makes more sense. We’re here to advise you and make the decision-making process easy. We’re considered an extremely trustworthy resource for Ohio consumers that buy health insurance online. The combination of live assistance and modern technology is a potent combination!

So yes….it is indeed very safe to apply for coverage online in Ohio. We’ll help you qualify for the lowest possible rates and make sure you’re comparing the best health care policies.