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Ohio Anthem Individual Health Insurance Rates

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When you are searching for low cost Ohio individual health insurance, Anthem Blue Cross is a company that should always be considered. Our registered website allows you to easily compare affordable private coverage both during an after the Open Enrollment period. It only takes a few moments to view low-cost policies in your area.

Although other carriers we represent, such as  UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, Humana, Kaiser and Medical Mutual are big companies, Anthem is Ohio’s flagship healthcare provider and is part of of Community Insurance Company and parent Wellpoint. The network of providers is the largest of any carrier in the Buckeye state and features the region’s most impressive group of doctors, specialists and inpatient/outpatient facilities.

Several factors are considered when determining rates. Your age will be the biggest determinant of the price you pay. Your zip code (and,or county), household income, and your smoking status are the other relevant factors. The Patent Protection And Affordable Care Act (also called  the “ACA” or “Obamacare”) eliminated medical questions from being asked, and also mandated that pre-existing conditions would be covered.

New Affordable Care Act (ACA)

All plans, since 2014, are no longer underwritten. This means that you can not be surcharged because of an illness you have, or charged a higher premium because you need immediate treatment or surgery. Also, each year, you can change to a different policy if it better fits your current needs. There will be no fees or extra premiums for making the change.

Of course, the rate on your new policy could be higher (or lower) than your existing plan, so it is important to compare both price and out-of-pocket costs. Also, if you have a serious sickness or illness, and are being treated with a name-brand prescription, reviewing the RX copay should be one of your first tasks.

Current Prices

Premiums will vary, depending on the factors mentioned above. So, we provided some sample individual and family situations below, so you can view an accurate estimate of monthly rates:

Situation One  – Single person age 25. Annual income of $25,000. Lives in Columbus area.

$145 – Bronze DirectAccess cabu

$149 – Bronze DirectAccess caas

$165 – Bronze DirectAccess caaz

$194 – Silver DirectAccess cbwl

Situation Two  – Single person age 35. Annual income of $45,000. Lives in Cincinnati area.

$224 – Bronze DirectAccess cabu

$235 – Bronze DirectAccess cabt

$248 – Bronze DirectAccess caaz

$281 – Silver DirectAccess cbwl

Situation Three Married couple ages 45 with one child. Annual income of $55,000. Lives in Dayton area.

$360 – Bronze DirectAccess cabu

$388 – Bronze DirectAccess cabt

$427 – Bronze DirectAccess caaz

$522 – Silver DirectAccess cbwl

Situation Four Married couple ages 50 with two children. Annual income of $65,000. Lives in Cleveland area.

$503 – Bronze DirectAccess cabu

$547 – Bronze DirectAccess cabt

$605 – Bronze DirectAccess caaz

$745 – Silver DirectAccess cbwl

We proudly represent Anthem and offer their lowest available rates. Since prices are mandated by the Department Of Insurance, no agent, broker or Agency can offer a lower cost. However, since we represent all major companies and not just one company, we always give you a balanced and unbiased comparison of your best options. Dental, vision and Medicare-Supplement plans are also available.

Anthem BC Ohio Options


In most rate comparisons, the Columbus, Springfield,  Dayton and Cincinnati areas often feature the most competitive rates. Typically, their main competition for HSA and comprehensive plans comes from Medical Mutual, Humana, Healthspan, Kaiser and UnitedHealthcare. These  carriers are worth considering, especially if you live in Hamilton County or any part of Southwestern Ohio.

Anthem, like most Ohio health insurance companies,  offers a direct monthly billing or an electronic withdraw. Policies can be canceled at any time since you are never obligated to keep a policy any longer than needed. However, if you terminate coverage, it’s important to understand what plans are offered during and outside of Open Enrollment.

For example, unless you meet one of several designated “exceptions,” such as divorce, job termination or major change in income, you will have limited options if you miss the Open Enrollment deadlines. Although temporary policies and “limited-benefit” contracts can be purchased, you will forfeit your subsidy-eligibility and also may risk the immediate coverage of your pre-existing conditions.

Also, the non-compliance tax of either $95 per adult or 1% of household income (the higher of the two) will be charged. Usually, this is deducted from any potential tax refund the following year, or must be recognized when filing and submitting the tax return to the IRS.

Ohio Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plans

There are three types of Senior options available. They are Advantage, Supplemental and Part “D” (Prescription) plans. An annual Open Enrollment takes place, which is unrelated to the Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment.

Advantage plans are the cheapest, since they are a policy with a Medicare contract. Often, premiums are $20 per month (or less). The  “Senior Advantage Basic” is a very popular HMO policy in the Buckeye state. Blue Medicare Access Classic is another low-cost PPO plan.

Medigap contracts are designed to pay for benefits that are not fully covered, such as copays, coinsurance and deductibles. Physicians and hospitals that are approved by Medicare can be utilized.  Plans N,A and F are the least expensive MedSup policies that Anthem offers in Ohio. Plan N covers skilled nursing coinsurance.

Part D coverage is offered through the Blue Medicare RX Standard PDP plan. Premiums are fairly low ($20-$40 per month for most persons) for this stand-alone product. There are six tiers of drug coverage, ranging from cheap preferred generic prescriptions to the most expensive specialty tier drugs. The “Plus” plan offers richer benefits at a higher rate.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield health insurance rates in Ohio are still a bargain for individuals, families and businesses.  You can view direct quotes here  or contact us by phone or email. We will carefully review all available policies, and match the plan that maximizes your subsidy, and offers the coverage you need at the lowest cost.

Cinergy Health Insurance…Worth Your Time And Money?

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Cinergy Health doesn”t seem to do as much advertising these days. No, they don’t pitch OxiClean or Mighty Putty, but Cinergy does heavily market their medical plans.

Are they worth it? In most cases…No! In fact, unless you thoroughly read the fine print of your policy, you may be in for a jolt! Benefits are typically less than you would expect and there are many gaps. There are specific niches these plans can fill, but not many.

Available Cinergy Plans

Two types of plans are available. “Cinergy Health Signature” is their discount health plan and “Cinergy Health Preferred” is their insurance plan. Both plans offer far less coverage than a conventional policy from a major insurer…such as BC, Aetna, Humana or UnitedHealthcare.

“Cinergy Health Signature” is NOT a health insurance policy. It may help you reduce some of your healthcare costs, but not necessarily a significant amount. Coverage benefits are very vague and the premium for a single person is almost $1000 per year.

And, the plans are actually provided by Patriot Health Florida, who requires you to PAY FOR ALL HEALTHCARE SERVICES in advance. Later, you may receive a discount on some of those expenses.

“Cinergy Health Preferred 500” is considered an insurance plan, but coverages are limited and descriptions of these coverages are fairly vague on their website. For example, this plan only covers ONE emergency room visit per year. Only ONE preventative visit per year is allowed. Daily hospital confinement charges are also limited to $500 per day and 30 days per year.

After this article was originally written, three offered plans were the “Plan 1000,” Plan 500,” and “Plan Basic.” All three plans did not cover pre-existing conditions for the first 12 months (6 months in Indiana) and referenced Multiplan, a nationwide Network provider.

The Cost

If you can qualify for an Ohio Health Insurance Plan from a major carrier, then don’t waste your time with this carrier. If you are uninsurable, then you may want to consider a plan…but read the policy in its entirety. Cinergy will only consider refund requests in writing and will not refund the application fee.


UPDATE April 2011- I don’t see as much advertising from Cinergy three years after I wrote the original article. Their “Limited Health Benefit” plan might be worth considering if you are uninsurable. But keep in mind that the plan is NOT a major medical insurance plan and is not to be used to replace a catastrophic policy.

Cinergy Ohio health insurance should not be used to replace major medical or catastrophic health insurance policies. View affordable alternative  plans.

UPDATE April 2014- When we visited their website and clicked on the health insurance link, we received a “404” error, which means the web page was not working. The “critical illness” link was also not working.

When we clicked on the “free quote” link, a message displayed, indicating that no plans were being offered in our area. There also were other sections of the website that appeared to either be not working or perhaps not recently updated. And of course, these plans are not part of the Exchange or listed  as an “approved Marketplace compliant” option.